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Here at Blak Bear Creative, we have the sole desire of growing your business through marketing, branding and advertising. As an award-winning agency, we are always ready to get started on your creative project, whether that’s a new brand identity, social media marketing or a refreshed website, we’re here to help.

Our eclectic mix of services makes us an award-winning North West Design and Marketing Agency. If you’d like to boost your business speak with us today where we will advise on the best course of action to take your business to the next level.

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Graphic Design for the 21st Century

If it stands out, people will remember you!

Great Design is the reason exact reason why you purchase the items and services you do! Starting a business? Or have you got an existing business that you’re looking to grow? Get in touch today and let us start by shouting about your business! We’re a Burnley based Marketing Agency. If you’re looking for a North-West Creative Design Agency with network links across the UK, then let’s schedule a call today!

graphic design

Performance & Results Driven Marketing

Creating lasting impressions that convert both online and offline!

We’re all familiar with advertising but are you familiar with great advertising? What makes you remember a specific product or brand? Advertising is now a large part of any business, with more emphasis on getting it right and creating lasting impressions. Ensuring that your advertising is projected ahead of your target audience is easy, however; making it work performance wise it what we do! We craft red-hot marketing and advertising campaigns through digital and traditional routes. Get in touch today to find out more.

digital marketing

Social Media Marketing

Build a brand, engage with your audience and involve your crowd!

Social Media Marketing is a direct platform that you can speak and engage to your target audience as well as utilise Paid Social Campaigns to build your brand awareness. Social Media platforms allow you to tell the story of your business, it informs people of what is happening at your business and can create a strong and positive personality for your brand. When maximised effectively, your social media channels can get your business noticed with more and more people becoming media savvy to find your business! Now more than ever is it crucial to become connected to the here and now and let’s start by keeping you informed and relevant.

social media

Online & Open For Business

The face of online is changing and your brand presence is crucial!

More and more businesses are embracing the power of the World Wide Web, either for online shopping or to build on their brand presence. The way we shop is changing and more so over the past few years, e-commerce is on the rise. Your online presence needs to be on-point and people need to be able to find you. That’s why a website is not simply about making it look good, it’s much more. it’s about how people engage with your brand online, can they purchase items, book a table, book a room or simply find out more about you. Your online presence is like the high-street, it needs to be there loud and proud to be noticed!