Social Media & Your Business


Your business simply needs Social Media Marketing – it’s the way prospective and existing customers interact with your brand. 

Whether you are a small local shop or one of the big national companies, social media marketing is one element of your marketing strategy and it’s a crucial one too!

It’s easy for us to say that managing social media is easy, but we’re experts at it and it’s something we relish. However, for many businesses, they often neglect their social media platforms, causing them to look tired and dated. Having a presence on any social media platform needs work, it needs fresh engaging content, something that catches the eye, it needs the right strategy to tell your story and you need to disrupt or risk being disrupted!

Here’s why we believe that social media is a crucial element to your business:

Building Awareness

There’s one common statement that you need to be familiar with: if people don’t know about your business, how do you expect them to become a customer? Social media is used by a wide audience and it does require an amount of time and effort to tell your story as a business. One of the first steps is to develop a social media strategy. It’s all about what you are looking to achieve and keeping it specific. By doing this, you can ensure that the right channels become the best fit for your business.

Demonstrate and Communicate Authority

Your customers are savvy! Needless to say, they research your business prior to making any decision about whether to do business with you or not. Prior to any business decision, your prospective customers will browse your website and social media, therefore it’s important to ensure that your profiles look great. Updating your social media frequently is crucial, ensuring you post relevant content can help you to build your brand’s authority and create a superb first impression that shows just how trustworthy you are. 


Content that is mundane and corporate will not be of interest to your customers. It’s important to let your personality shine when it comes to social. Get your tone right, whether that’s casual, formal, funny or friendly, your social media needs to reflect you!

We ❤️ Engagement

You’ve seen the latest update to Facebook on your desktop right? Well, new features like this are done often. It’s important for your business to ensure that you find innovative ways to engage with your customers. Holding Live video sessions allowing your followers to ask you questions is a great way to encourage engagement. When it comes to social media, video is crucial! Once you’ve done one video, we guarantee you won’t be able to stop!

Whilst this is just three key points why social media is important for your business, it’s important to ensure that you have a well-thought-out and executed marketing strategy that can add value to your business. 

If your business would like a complimentary social media analysis, simply drop us an email and we’ll arrange to meet with you to go over ways in which your business can utilise social media even more! After all, we’re pretty awesome at marketing, where great design is our playground. 

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