Do you think that your businesses marketing strategy needs an update?

Your marketing needs to work for your business, it needs to confirm your customers’ inclinations that your business cares about its supporters. When looking at refreshing your marketing strategy, your target customers are looking for genuine interest in their needs and the communities they support, leading to more individuals supporting your business.

Whether your business currently exemplifies these qualities or you are looking to incorporate them, you need an advertising strategy that shows your customers that you’re there for them.

Let’s take a look at the key areas your new marketing strategy should be focusing on:

Make it personal!

The primary reasons why people choose to do business with you is that they want to support the goals and/or missions of individuals like yourself. Supporting a local business that does good for the community and has a story to tell the benefits to the people and the community, making you more personal and more likely to attract new and regular customers.

When working to tell your business’s story, make specific individuals the face of your business. People want to support your business that has their best interests at heart, in terms of quality, value, customer service and personal engagement. You need to tell them exactly how much you care with a story that reveals certain experiences, targeted to those individuals who are committed to a similar cause.

Go back to your origins, tell the story of your growth and expansion, highlight specific employees and their unique roles within the business. Be more human, show that your approachable and let people get to know you for who you really are. Your customers are going to love learning about your business’s hard work and dedication.

There’s a lot more you can do, this is just scratching the surface. Drop us a line if you need help in getting your story across.

Embrace the power and uniqueness of social media.

Your customers are on social media but are you? Almost everyone has a social media account in some shape or form, some even have two or three! Whether you’re new to social media for businesses or looking to expand, you can benefit from the increased engagement that can lead to more sales and more business growth!

Meet your target audience, wherever they are. Each platform offers unique features that are waiting for you to tap into! Whilst having a presence on all social media platforms may sound like a good plan, is it manageable? Can you update regularly? Is this something you can cope with? Having a presence on all social channels may not necessarily be the best option for your business.

There are many ways in which you can leverage social media and really boost your presence! There’s even some juicy analytics to go alongside this!

Love the community – get involved!

Getting involved in the community can bring everything together. Adding this to your business story not only boosts your credibility but allows you to enter your business into awards to gain more recognition in the good work that you.

There’s several ways that your business can get involved in supporting the local community and gain brand recognition. Partnering with a charitable cause or a community organisation to host events is a great choice that you can attract new customers and form the basis of recurring collaboration.

We recognise that UK Charities do a lot of good work for our community and that’s why we have partnered with a local charity to embrace their story and provide free graphic design and web design services to them, allowing them to reinvest back into the good work that they do.

If you need assistance with your marketing strategy, or you’re looking to embrace creativity from an Accredited Creative Agency, drop us a line and let’s talk! We’ve over a decade of experience and we want to help you and your business develop!

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