When considering a rebrand, many business owners believe it’s just a case of updating your logo, but it’s much more than that. It’s updating your name, values and the visual systems of your brand, it can be treated as a refresh or you can opt to create something entirely different. When your business is considering a rebrand, its much better to keep the legacy of your brand alive. Starting from scratch is often considered when there has been a major change in the brand or the consumers in which you are interacting with. Both of these will have a time and a place in your business and you will know when it’s time for a rebrand.

Each brand and identity is different when it comes to a rebrand, and therefore it’s important to consider these clues that will indicate when it’s time for a rebrand.

1. Your brand identity looks tired and dated.

Ensuring that you have a good brand identity in place needs to be timeless and should not be associated with specific trend at one single point in time. However, in contrast to this, even the most iconic businesses require updating from time to time. Take McDonald’s for example, since the early years McDonald’s have updated their brand identity on several occasions to update and align their brand with their target customer base. 

2. Your brand is limited by the existing visual identity.

Sometimes your brand may restrict itself by suggesting a little too much within the logo. When a company expands their offering or services, businesses often find that their brand identity is too limiting and this indicates a good time to update. This signals to their target market that the business is evolving and aligns them with their offerings. 

3. Brands grow and expand (sometimes local, sometimes national).

Growth in any business is an exciting prospect, which often means that your audience, values, geography, service or product offering is undergoing expansion. The most common rebrand exercise in this category is when a brand is looking to either grow their online presence by way of an e-commerce solution, or they are growing on a local and/or national scale to compete with other brands.

4. Connecting with a new target audience.

Targeting a new audience within your business sometimes makes sense, and shifting demographics or new product launches can signal a good time to consider a rebrand. Take Mailchimp for example, an industry leader in email marketing, where recently they have expanded their offering and are targeting small businesses with a robust platform that engages, connects and monitors their customers. 

5. Crowded Markets.

When your business is competing for market share in a competitive market, it can be challenging, especially when your name is similar to an existing well-known brand. Sometimes, rebranding the business with additions like &co will significantly propel your business and stand you against your competitors when it comes to organic searches on Google.

When your businesses longstanding logo has credibility to your brand and reaffirms your relationship with your customers, sometimes a light refresh of your logo, or a complete overhaul of your identity, or perhaps something in between, is what your business may need.

If any of these circumstances sounds familiar with you and you would like to discuss ways in which your brand can stand out, it might be time to chat with the team here at Blak Bear Creative.